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AAlchemy Ventures is focused on startups in b2b/b2b2c segment,  

whose main product is business services. 

The industries in the process of digital disruption are of particular interest,  

when such startups offer services with existing market demand,  

but already on a digital instead of an analog platform. ​ 


AAlchemy’s business is:

  • investments into early stage startups, ​

  • mentoring and acceleration of pre-A scaleups, ​

  • pledge fund for business angels.


March 1, 2021

AAlchemy Ventures and Tez Tour , one of the five largest European tour operators, have signed an exclusive memorandum on cooperation in investing into traveltech startups. The parties had also agreed to co-develop a separate chapter of the AAlchemy DMBA program - AA Travel.

Program participants will enjoy access to the expertise and clientele of Tez Tour, Deloitte Cyprus and AAlchemy, as well as pre-seed round ≥ € 50K to launch their European platform.

Submit your application in the "Scaleup" section of our aalchemy.vc website. You are welcome to join!


December 30, 2020


The sale of Signaturit Solutions S.L.

to Providence private equity fund is completed.

February 9, 2021

Alexey Goryachev joined the Executive Board of Skolkovo Moscow School of Management as Director of Alumni Relations.


You have an idea but you are uncertain if this is a good business?
Or just the opposite, you are certain it is a good business?
Speak with us to:

  • Analyze the resources in possession,

  • Identify what’s missing and where and how to obtain,

  • Execute market and competition analysis,

  • Take decision where, how and what for register a company,

  • Develop financial model & business plan.

  • Raise money

Don’t stand in a way of your dream coming true!
We did it for ourselves and many of our clients,
and we will do it for you too.



Quite successful at home?

You think the world badly needs what you have to offer?

- D
eep Mentoring and Business Acceleration program by

AAlchemy Ventures in association with Deloitte Limited 

will help you to successfully enter European market

  • Market analysis of the product/service on new selected markets,

  • Go-to-market strategy, search for new clients and partners,

  • Company domiciliation, management consulting,

  • Grants, subventions and loans, next investment round/exit

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Looking for solid investment opportunities’ pipeline?

You’ll find it here.
Program graduates are as good as it gets!

Register to follow what's going on and to get access to:

• Stock options allowing for conversion into scaleups' shares

• Investments into qualified startups​
• (Convertible) loans to program participants
• Other investment opportunities


We are in this business as long as we can remember.

Our reputation is the prized asset which we protect at all costs. ​

If we undertake a project, we are committed to make it a success.

And we have skin in the game – lion’s share of our expected return is performance-based.


Andrey Kostyuk

Entrepreneur, banker and investor,

Founder and CEO of Taurus Aurum Group

  • Business angel actively investing into startups in EU and USA. Startup mentor.​

  • Ph.D. in taxation.​

  • MBA Graduate, joint Global Executive program (GEMBA) by Georgetown University and ESADE Business School. Georgetown University Alumni Ambassador.​

  • Member of the Board of several merchant banks in Russia, 1998-2019.​

  • Senior partner and Executive Director of Taurus Aurum Global Property Fund Limited, 2007-2019.​

  • SME Instrument independent expert for EASME.


Alexey Goryachev

Entrepreneur, investment banker and investor, Management Partner in RMG Partners

  • Head of YPO Moscow.

  • Member of Executive Board of SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management as Director of Alumni Relations.

  • Winner of a special prize "Master of Business" by EY "Entrepreneur of the Year 2015".

  • Co-founder, President of RMG Group (1994-2014). Companies of the group are licensed to offer services on EU securities’ markets, offer asset management services, M&A, PE & VC.

  • Graduated as Master in Finance and Management from Kennedy University. Got his MBA from Skolkovo EMBA-16. Attended courses on venture capital and private investments in Harvard and Berkeley Universities.



This is what our clients say:


Andrey and Alexey are a part of our company since the first investment round early in 2015.

They helped us raise funding from an affiliated group of investors, bringing in more than half of the funds raised. After the successful completion of the round, Andrey joined the Board of Directors. He helped us many times in solving issues within the company and in terms of strategic management.

Together we launched the Signaturit Russia project, which is already beginning to bear fruit.

Taurus Autum, managed by Andrey, participated in the second investment round of Signaturit in the summer of 2017, remaining one of the largest corporate investors.

in December 2020 we had a successful joint exit.


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